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I like to use Sketchup by Google, Inc. to make 3D models of various things. Here are some of those projects; attached are the actual project files and a description of the project.

Speaker Box

This is a 3D model of what is known as an ABC speaker box. ABC stands for Aperiodic Bi-Chamber which is fancy talk for a dual ported enclosure that gives you reduced excursion and better power handling.

For more information about ABC enclosures please visit this page

Speaker Box Project File

Bedroom @ Post Park Mesa

I created this 3D model of my bedroom while living at Post Park Mesa in order to determine how I could rearrange my furniture before doing any real physical work.

As I'll always agree with, IT/Programmers are the hardest working slackers around. They will spend more time trying to automate a process so that they only have to do it once. This is an example of that.

Post Park Mesa Bedroom Project File

Dining Room @ Marquis Treetops

This model was created as a way to determine if an idea I had was possible. I was interested in creating a 'sitting area' that only contained seating and a light or two to get some reading done.

The space wasn't very big and I decided not to pursue it any further.

Marquis Treetops Dining Room Project File

Apartment @ Museo

My apartment at Museo is a bit on the tiny side (565SqFt). I created this 3D model to determine how my furniture could fit in the space as well as what would be ideal.

Yet another instance of hard working slacking.

Museo Apartment Project File

Apartment @ Great Hills

My apartment at Great Hills is roomier than my Museo situation was (650SqFt). I knew I would have plenty of room for my stuff but I wanted to check if my desk would fit in the dining area. This mock up showed me that it would without the hassle of trying and potentially failing.

Work smart, not hard.

Great Hills Apartment Project File