Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S)

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Jenna has a Samsung Captivate so this is where you will find mods, roms and other things I have done to or learned about her phone.

 All links on this page are for the CAPTIVATE ONLY!! You must locate the appropriate
 downloads for your device independently!

Flashing a ROM to your Galaxy S

It is crucial that you know what you are doing when flashing a custom (non-stock) ROM to the Galaxy S line of phones (Captivate, Vibrant, Galaxy S). Especially if you are flashing from an I9000 ROM back to a stock or modified Galaxy S ROM (SGH-i897). The reason for this is because most, if not all, I9000 ROM's replace your boot loader. Boot loader mismatch is the most common way to hard brick your device.

Hard bricking occurs when you have a damaged, corrupted or mismatched boot loader. A hard brick is UNRECOVERABLE as recovery (by average users) requires the ability to at least boot to the secondary boot loader to enter download mode.

If you are ever in doubt, please use a tool such as Odin3 OneClickDownloader for version #1010 and above or if your version number is below 1010 use this guide to flash back to stock. The safest way of moving between ROM's is to flash back to stock with Odin3 then flash your new ROM because Odin3 reverts your boot loaders back to stock. Obviously things can happen and there is always the possibility of hard bricking your device.

For more information on bricking check out my Tips & Explanations page.

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