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CyanogenMod7 on the HP TouchPad


  1. An HP TouchPad w/at least 2GB free on the "media" partition.
  2. A Linux, Mac, or Windows computer
  3. A USB cable
  4. The "novacom" program, installed on your computer.
  5. The ACME Installer files on your computer. These are the above-referenced "update...zip" "payload" files. Get them from the RootzWiki.com HP TouchPad CM7 Thread
    • For a first-time install, you will need at least two update files. The file names may vary slightly as new versions come out, but they should look basically like this:
    1. moboot_#.#.#.zip --- without this "moboot" bootloader file, you will not see the boot menu and will not have CyanogenMod selected as the default install. Moboot, based on "lk" (little kernel), is a project lead by jcsullins and tmzt who deserve much credit for this amazing program. Download latest from here: http://code.google.com/p/moboot/
    2. update-cm-7.1-tenderloin-a1-fullofbugs.zip -- this file contains CyanogenMod itself. "tenderloin" is the development code name for the TouchPad. Cyanogenmod has a convention for naming its releases after these code names. Navigate to the forum host for the most recent download: RootzWiki.com HP TouchPad CM7 Thread
  6. OPTIONAL (but recommended) you may wish to have - update-ClockworkMod-#.#.#.zip -- this is the ClockworkMod "recovery" image. It is an emergency boot mode accessible from boot menu that can also be used for installing or updating CM. This can also be found on the RootzWiki.com HP TouchPad CM7 Thread

Disclaimer/Notice from the Cyanogenmod Team

Running and/or installing Cyanogenmod and/or any file discussed above may void your warranty, result in loss of data and/or the destruction of your device(s), and/or may have other unintended consequences. These instructions are to be followed entirely at your own risk. Cyanogenmod itself is presently considered of "alpha" quality and is in no way intended for everyday use and may not be fit for any purpose. AGAIN, YOU ARE ADVISED NOT TO RUN NOR INSTALL THIS OR ANY OTHER FILE OR PROGRAM DISCUSSED ABOVE. THERE IS ALWAYS A RISK OF "BRICKING" YOUR TOUCHPAD, LOSING YOUR WARRANTY, LOSING DATA, OR WORSE. By running and/or installing any software discussed above, you acknowledge that you understand the risks and agree to hold ONLY YOURSELF responsible for any and all consequences that may result. You also agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of any applicable licenses that may apply. Cyanogenmod and ACME Installer are Internet-community projects. Neither these projects nor their developers or contributors claim any official affiliation with Hewlett Packard or the TouchPad tablet.

Additional Disclaimer/Notice from JKulow.com

I am not responsible for any loss of data/destruction of your device nor am I responsible for voiding your warranty or any other currently unknown adverse effects this process may have upon you or your property. For more information read the disclaimers page.

Installation Instructions

  1. Boot your TouchPad into WebOS.
  2. Connect your TouchPad to your computer with a USB cable. (Mac, Windows, or Linux work fine.)
  3. On WebOS, you should be notified that you are "Connected" via USB. Select "USB Drive" and then, if asked, select "OK" to confirm.
  4. A USB icon should appear on your screen, and the TouchPad WebOS volume should now be accessible on your computer. Depending on your OS, an icon for the HP WebOS volume may appear on your desktop.
  5. Using your computer, create a folder/directory on the HP WebOS device called "cminstall" in the first folder. Inside this folder, copy the "update...zip" files you wish to install. Minimally, you should include the update-moboot and update-cm files described above. Optionally you may add the update-ClockworkMod and any other update...zip files you wish to have installed.
  6. Unmount/Eject the TouchPad volume from your computer.
  7. Reboot the TouchPad. As it is booting, hold the volume-up key until a large white USB symbol appears.
  8. From the Terminal on your computer, navigate to the directory with the ACME Installer binary, and type the following command:$ novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller
    • In the above example, $ represents the prompt. On Macintosh, the Terminal is accessible from Applications->Utilities->Terminal. Ubuntu and other Linux users may use the Terminal application.
    • For Windows you will need to navigate to the location of the novacom installation or add it to your system environment variables.
      • My command for Windows 7 was as C:\>"C:\Program Files\Palm, Inc\novacom.exe" boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller
  9. Cross your fingers.
  10. If all works well, the "update...zip" file will automatically be installed and your TouchPad should boot into Cyanogenmod.


  1. Freak out.
  2. You'll have to go online for help. Do *NOT* bother the CM developers. It's not likely to be their fault. You probably screwed something up.
  3. Go to http://webchat.freenode.net/ and fill out the form. Under Channels put #cyanogenmod-touchpad and hopefully someone there will know what to do.
  4. Additionally, you can visit the forums at rootzwiki.com or xda-developers.com for assistance.

Something went wrong. Perhaps your filesystem(s) were corrupted.

  1. Go to: http://ws.hpwebos.com/webosdoctor
  2. Get/install HP's "WebOS Doctor" which should (hopefully) restore your system to the latest version of WebOS. Instructions for use are on that page.


The WebOS update has removed moboot from the /boot directory.

Follow the installation instructions above and reinstall moboot with the ACMEInstaller.

After Install Packages

The stock CM7 installation does not include the slew of Google Apps most people are used to, including the all too important Market. To get these apps please visit http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/index.php?title=Latest_Version/Google_Apps and download the GApps package on to your device then follow the instructions below:

  1. Reboot the TouchPad & use moboot to choose "ClockworkMod"
  2. Choose "install zip from sdcard"
  3. Choose "choose zip from sdcard"
  4. Find and select the "gapps-gb-20110828-signed.zip" file you placed on the Touchpad (probably in the /download/ folder)
  5. Google Market & apps will install
  6. Reboot into CM7
  7. Enjoy!

Update: Installing Google Maps Here's the map install .zip for CM7: http://www.mediafire.com/?uo2togtqqsuxhgl

You can download the Google Maps package from the Android Browser. It will save the file in the "Download" folder. Reboot into ClockworkMOD using Moboot and install the .zip from SD card. Using the steps above for the GApps package.

Update 2: Install Marketplace Patch to allow all apps Download this zip: http://www.filesonic.com/file/2558502594 Install using the ClockworkMod method mentioned above. Install Facebook, Dolphin Browser HD, etc.


Copied from the instructions provided with the ACME Installer zip and reformatted for ease of reading.  
For any questions to any of these steps please visit the official RootzWiki.com HP TouchPad CM7 Thread.
After Install portion from this page was taken from this RootzWiki.com thread.  
Update 2 is from ReviewHorizon.com